Rugged Sophistication with a Transocean Swiss-Made copy.

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The Breitling Aeromarine, Transocean and Bentley GT Chronograph

The Breitling Swiss company manufactures Swiss watches, made entirely in Switzerland. Initially, established in Bernese Jura, the Breitling watches are all certified by the COSC or the Control Officiel Suisse de Chronometres. Breitling watches are specially created for specific aviation functions.

The watches made by Breitling have their own price range. There are Breitling jewelry watches, including the Bentley GT Chronograph, but Breitling watches are generally expensive – even without being jewelry watches – because of the exclusivity of the Breitling brand.

Extra Functions of the Breitling Watches

These are not just Swiss watches, but also feature functions that are generally not available on other watches. Breitling watches are generally designed for people with certain aviation interest, but still have functions with no connection to aviation.


These aviation functions of some of the Breitling watches will definitely not making the watch cheaper. One of the functions is the Breitling Emergency, which is actually a little radio transmitter that can send emergency signal for pilots in difficulty. As a matter of fact, non-pilots who are determined to purchase a Breitling Emergency are required to sign a contract and agree to bear the costs of a rescue operation if the transmitter is activated intentionally or by accident.

On the other hand, the Breitling Transocean is a typical Breitling watch. But, the casing of the limited edition of this watch has underwent a treatment of carbon nitride – instead of the standard sapphire crystal – making it even more scratch-proof than the normal model. Wow! That is what I call protection!

The BreitlingAeromarine series has its roots in the aviation models, focusing more on practical functions mostly for divers and not for aviators. This model is the basic watch for people with interest in Breitling and Ferrari Watches, with a price of roughly $3,000.

Buying Aeromarine, Transocean and Bentley GT Chronograph

If you are not a pilot or a frequent aviator, all the extra functions that are available on Breitling watches are completely useless for you. On the other hand, if you as a diver want an Aeromarine mainly for its diver functions, your diving equipment should mainly performs those functions, or otherwise you should not be allowed to dive.

Additionally, the wear of jewelry in such activities as diving or flying is not recommended, while all highly expensive Breitling watches are in fact jewelry. It would be best to wear replica watches while performing those activities, as it is highly possible for the watches to be lost or damaged, or in some case, even injure you.

Further more, a BreitlingAeromarine replica would not be as expensive and would function similarly to a genuine Breitling watch. The real Breitling watch should be worn only at special occasions when its design and unique function would be truly appreciated, while the replica is for a typical everyday use.

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