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About the Breitling Navitimer

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Breitling dates back to 1884, but nearly a century later, the release of digital watches forced the company to look for a new owner, in the person of Ernest Schneider in 1979. Luckily for the company and its customers, the new ownership had no significant impact over the design and top-notch quality of the Breitling watches.

Actually, the Navitimer, which was first released in the 1940s, is in production even today along with the other legendary Breitling watch, the Chronomat. The Breitling Navitimer has been designed as an aviator's watch. Its quality determined the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPO) to offer its logo as a stamp of approval to the Navitimer's design.

As part of t6he Navitimer's history, in 1961, Scott Carpenter, astronaut in the Mercury Space Program, asked from Breitling a watch specifically designed for astronauts. As we know, in space, day and night is basically the same thing, but in the daily activity a 24 hour time was vital. The astronaut wanted in fact a Navitimer with 24-hour clock face instead of the regular 12. As a response to the request, Breitling launched the CosmonauteNavitimer, the 24-hour watch.

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The Breitling Navitimer World 108

The Navitimer World 108 is certainly an impressive watch with a price tag of around $7,500. The cold black clearly contrasts the silver shine of the casing and the bracelet. Business is clearly reflected even by the buttons, which stick out of the body of the Navitimer. The watch's business effect is also added by the spots of various shades of red on the face.

The Breitling Navitimer World 109

The Navitimer World 109 is cheaper by a few hundreds dollars as the Navitimer World 108, having a similar structure, while generating a completely different effect. The 109 is not as imposing as the black Navitimer 108, but it is a lot friendlier with the blue face. The information is outlined with dots of red shade, the buttons also stick out of the body of the 109, while the metal casing lets some light in against the blue. The blue face of the watch makes the person wearing it somehow more approachable than the one wearing the cold black 108.

Form and Design are Top Priority

Regardless of the included features and design of the watch, the price tag of the Navitimer is prohibitive for most potential buyers. If you are only attracted by the design of the watch and not the exclusivity and status of the Breitling watches, buying a Breitling Navitimer knockoff is most certainly a viable option for you just like LV bag replicas. The Breitling Navitimer replicas –although totally ignored by those can afford an authentic Breitling watch - are designed as a watch, function perfectly and are as efficient as an original Breitling Navitimer, but without carrying the superiority of the Breitling brand.

If you're a wise spender and you're afraid of experiencing bankruptcy, do not consider the habit of impulsive buying. Stay within your prearranged budget before purchasing the luxury timepiece you desire. If the watch you're going to buy is very expensive, try to check out other stores and find out if the watch is on sale. Replica watches Canada »

Before you're bound to choose the Breitling Replica Watches today, try to refer to the various styles the particular brand provided. An example of scrutinizing the essential luxury timepiece styles includes knowing the difference between "Automatic" and "Quartz" watches. The automatic watches are usually more expensive than quartz types. The automatic watches function through series of wrist pulse or body activities while majority of the quartz ones requires battery operation.

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Buying Aeromarine, Transocean and Bentley GT Chronograph

If you are not a pilot or a frequent aviator, all the extra functions that are available on Breitling watches are completely useless for you. On the other hand, if you as a diver want an Aeromarine mainly for its diver functions, your diving equipment should mainly performs those functions, or otherwise you should not be allowed to dive.

Additionally, the wear of jewelry in such activities as diving or flying is not recommended, while all highly expensive Breitling watches are in fact jewelry. It would be best to wear replica watches while performing those activities, as it is highly possible for the watches to be lost or damaged, or in some case, even injure you.

Further more, a BreitlingAeromarine replica would not be as expensive and would function similarly to a genuine Breitling watch. The real Breitling watch should be worn only at special occasions when its design and unique function would be truly appreciated, while the replica is for a typical everyday use.

Picking the perfect Breitling replica

  • You must need to have a clear importance on choosing the Breitling Replica Watches that will suit your personality. Having a clear importance on what brand to choose will depend in your options on how to purchase a luxury timepiece. You can do this effectively by having two or more options on stores where you're planning to buy your luxury watch.

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  • Keep in mind that many of the Breitling Replica Watches in the market today surpasses through generations. A lot of luxury watches tends to last depending on the trend. If you're the type of person who doesn't believe in fads, try not to purchase on timepieces that can easily surpass the current generation.

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  • You must make sure that the luxury watch you're going to purchase will bring lasting memories for the rest of your life.
    You must take contemplation or a closer look at your personality before purchasing a luxury watch first. Make sure that the timepiece of your choice will perfectly suit your character.

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